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Position Overview:

We are seeking an experienced and compassionate Midwife with a valid Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) pin to join our dedicated team in the London area. As a Midwife, you will play a crucial role in providing exceptional care to expectant mothers throughout the antenatal, intrapartum, and postnatal phases. Your expertise will contribute to ensuring the safety and well-being of both mother and baby, while fostering a supportive and empowering birthing experience.


  • Provide comprehensive antenatal care, including conducting assessments, monitoring maternal and fetal health, and offering guidance on pregnancy-related concerns.
  • Assist and support expectant mothers during labor, ensuring their physical and emotional comfort, and offering pain management strategies.
  • Monitor the progress of labor and respond promptly to any complications or deviations from the norm, collaborating with medical professionals as necessary.
  • Facilitate safe and effective deliveries, ensuring aseptic techniques and following established protocols.
  • Provide postnatal care to new mothers and their infants, offering guidance on breastfeeding, newborn care, and postpartum recovery.
  • Educate expectant mothers and their families on pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care, promoting informed decision-making and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Maintain accurate and detailed records of patient care, ensuring documentation is complete and up-to-date.
  • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals, including obstetricians, pediatricians, and nurses, to ensure seamless patient care and interdisciplinary communication.
  • Stay informed about advancements in midwifery practices and attend relevant training or workshops to enhance your professional knowledge and skills.
  • Uphold patient confidentiality and privacy in accordance with ethical and legal standards.
  • Participate in quality improvement initiatives to enhance patient outcomes and the overall quality of care provided by the maternity unit.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Valid Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) pin is mandatory.
  • Bachelor's degree in Midwifery or a related field.
  • Proven experience as a Midwife, preferably in a hospital or clinical setting.
  • Comprehensive understanding of prenatal, intrapartum, and postnatal care practices.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to provide emotional support to expectant and new mothers.
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities and the capacity to make critical decisions under pressure.
  • Knowledge of current best practices, guidelines, and regulations in the field of midwifery.
  • Ability to work effectively within a team and collaborate with other healthcare professionals.
  • High level of professionalism, empathy, and cultural sensitivity.
  • Proficiency in using electronic medical record (EMR) systems and other relevant software applications.

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