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Job Summary:

We are seeking a dynamic and dedicated Emergency Department Nurse to join our clients healthcare team in Falkirk. As an integral part of our Emergency Department, you will play a crucial role in providing high-quality, compassionate care to patients in critical and urgent situations. The ideal candidate should possess excellent clinical skills, strong communication abilities, and a commitment to delivering patient-centered care.


  1. Patient Assessment and Triage:

    • Conduct thorough patient assessments to identify immediate healthcare needs.
    • Prioritize and triage patients based on the severity of their condition.
  2. Emergency Care Delivery:

    • Administer timely and efficient emergency care interventions.
    • Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to ensure comprehensive patient management.
  3. Critical Care and Resuscitation:

    • Respond to medical emergencies and provide resuscitation as necessary.
    • Administer life-saving treatments in accordance with established protocols.
  4. Patient Monitoring:

    • Monitor patients' vital signs and response to treatments.
    • Implement continuous assessment and adjust care plans accordingly.
  5. Documentation and Reporting:

    • Accurately document patient information and care provided.
    • Provide concise and timely reports to other healthcare professionals.
  6. Communication and Collaboration:

    • Communicate effectively with patients, families, and healthcare team members.
    • Collaborate with physicians, specialists, and support staff to ensure coordinated care.
  7. Adherence to Protocols:

    • Adhere to emergency department policies, procedures, and clinical guidelines.
    • Stay updated on advancements in emergency nursing practices.
  8. Patient Advocacy:

    • Advocate for patients' rights and ensure their needs are met.
    • Foster a supportive and compassionate environment for patients and their families.


  1. Registered Nurse with valid NMC registration.
  2. Experience in emergency or critical care nursing preferred.
  3. Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) certification required.
  4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  5. Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced and high-stress environment.
  6. Commitment to professional development and continuing education.

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