Mayday Healthcare, as a nursing agency, is committed to supporting our nurses through every step of their career. Perhaps one of the most daunting aspects of developing as a nurse is revalidation. Every three years, nurses must revalidate with the NMC to continue their practice. Working in an agency nurse job, the revalidation process can seem even more unnerving, if you’re unsure about where to start, what to expect, and where to seek support. Specialising in nursing recruitment, we understand the pressures of completing your revalidation, and strive to make it as seamless as possible for all our agency nurses. 


Since its introduction in 2016, revalidation has been a source of anxiety for many nurses in their agency jobs. However, revalidation is not about confirming your fitness to practice. It’s designed to allow you to self-reflect, identify areas of improvement and share knowledge.  The process will ultimately benefit your practice, and help to maintain the best standard of nursing across the country. The 450 hours required to revalidate may sound like a lot, but over 3 years that’s only 12.5 hours per month.


As a Mayday Healthcare agency nurse, we provide you with access to a Mayday Healthcare Confirmer for your third party confirmation and a Mayday Healthcare Reflective Discussion Partner. It is part of our ethos to ensure that our nurses are supported through the process, and don’t have to go through it alone.


If you need any further support from the Mayday Healthcare team, you can email


Here’s our short guide on how to revalidate as an agency nurse.


Sign up on NMC Online

This is the best place to start. All the information you’ll need regarding renewal and registration dates can be found via your online NMC account. The NMC website has a wealth of information and guidance on how to complete your revalidation.


Record your evidence

You’ll need a portfolio of evidence to show the courses and training you’ve completed over the three years leading up to your revalidation. This can be stored in paper form, on an electronic device or online.  Other feedback sources are a great way to demonstrate learning in practice. With consent, you can collect stories and letters from patients or colleagues. As an agency nurse, you’ll have gathered a range of experiences so be sure to make the most of your varied work assignments. Keep your payslips, nurse training certificates and timesheets as a record your work. 


Take part in CPD Courses

Mayday Healthcare is proud to offer our agency nurses a variety of courses and agency nurse jobs that count toward CPD hours for your revalidation. You can explore our range of courses and book your place here. We believe that keeping skills up to date and sharing knowledge is key to ensuring the nursing industry is moving forward. As members of the Association of Healthcare Trainers, our courses adhere to the AoHT code of ethics, and meet the high standards required for all members.


Book your Mayday Healthcare CPD Course


Supporting you through your revalidation:

We have developed a comprehensive guide for agency nurses undertaking their revalidation on our website. This includes Top Tips for revalidating, FAQs and Reflexive Discussion guidance.


Discover our Revalidation Guidance here.