Working in an agency nurse job, it’s likely that you’ll constantly be building and adding to your skill set. In order to stay up to date with clinical skills and general knowledge as an agency nurse, it’s important to have access to tools that can support learning and continuing professional development. We’ve listed some of the online tools you can use to keep developing your skill set in your agency nurse job. 


NHS App Library

Visit their website here.

The NHS offers a range of useful apps that can support learning and general wellbeing. The apps range from topics such as mental health to first aid. In your agency nurse job, these apps may be useful for yourself or patients and their families. 


British Medical Journal 

Visit their website here.

BMJ offers free and paid modules about all things related to your agency nurse job. Their informative courses can be accessed online, simply by creating an account. The interactive modules are written by experts using the latest available evidence, and can be paused or completed at any time. 


RCN Learning Resources 

Visit their website here.

The Royal College of nursing has a vast number of continuing professional development courses and other modules for agency nurses, as well as links to other useful resources. Much of the resources are text only, so less interactive that some platforms, but the wealth of information makes this a highly useful site. 


Visible Body 

Visit their website here.

Access free and paid resources with Visible Body, aimed predominantly at Anatomy and Physiology learning. This includes lab activities, flashcards and blog posts - all of which can help bolster the development of your skill set in your agency nurse job.


C3Health Mental Health Toolkit 

Visit their website here.

As it’s often said, “you can’t pour from an empty cup”, which is why this is perhaps the most pertinent tool in our list. C3Health have put together a mental health toolkit for nurses, which is a really useful resource with lots of tools including conflict management guidance, mindfulness and personal finances. 


We hope this list can shed some light on the wide range of online tools available to agency nurses. If you’ve got any of your own preferred tools, be sure to let us know on social media! For more information on finding your next agency nurse job, contact a member of our team today here.