We are excited to launch our latest project, the Mayday Healthcare Nurse Salary Hub. We’ve collated nursing agency salary data and nurse pay rate information across a range of regions and nursing sectors - and now it’s ready to share with our community. Our aim is to publish accurate and up-to-date nursing salary information for agency nurses, and nurse pay rate data so our community can explore pay rates in various locations, and find the highest paying nurse job.  



The Mayday Healthcare Salary Hub is a real-time pay rate tool for agency nurses throughout the UK. As a market-leading nursing agency, we’ve collected data from across the country, in order to give agency nurses a comprehensive overview of nurse pay rates. Over the coming months, we will continue to build on the nurse pay rate data currently available, so that all regions and nursing specialisms are represented. This is just one of the ways we’re striving to adding value to the nursing community, alongside our usual blogs, career advice and industry content. 



The new addition to our site features the highest paying regions, highest nurse pay rates, most in demand nursing specialisms and much more - you can discover the Mayday Healthcare Nurse Salary Hub here.