After a somewhat animated discussion we are proud to announce Mayday Healthcare’s inaugural Nurse of the Year. 

Congratulations to….. Pius Mandava!!

The Surrey team said: “Pius has worked for us for a very long time. He is loyal, committed, helpful, and flexible and always has a smile for you. He is pleasant and professional and extremely hard working. Where he works for us adore him also, for all these aforementioned attributes and because he is fantastic at his job. He is known by all the nursing team and Doctors and goes above and beyond. Pius always responds to calls and messages, and the working relationship with the team is honest, open and there is always give and take. He also understands the pressures we face as Consultants and will work with us to assist any way he can.”

Due to Pius’s hard work, care and dedication he will be receiving a cheque for £500 this Nurses’ Day.

A special mention also goes to both:

Abey Mathews

The Hampshire team said: “The feedback we have received from permanent hospital staff and other Mayday staff has proven that not only does Abey consistently provide high standards of patient care whilst on shift, he will always go the extra mile to support his colleagues. Abey’s naturally kind nature, relentless commitment and exceptional passion for his profession make him an honour and a pleasure to work with”

Catherine Bailey

The Sussex team said: “Cathy is such a down to earth individual. I find her a breath of fresh air; she is a wonderful and hardworking nurse. Feedback has always been positive surrounding Catherine’s performance and work. She has very seldom cancelled duties with the agencies over the years.”  

These candidates placed second and third respectively and will receive £100 in high-street vouchers as a thank you their hard work and caring attitudes.

Also, congratulations to the shortlisted candidates who just missed out on the top spots: 

  • London: Isioma Aganoke 
  • West of England: Florence Kamungoma 
  • Prisons: Clara Nyatsanza 
  • Essex: Charity Mandizha 
  • South West Team: Ruth Rose 
  • West Midlands: Bernadette Ndungwani 
  • East Midlands: Julie Preston 
  • Hertfordshire: Joseph Timog 
  • North of England: Friolian Millianr 
  • Brighton: Ewa Tutaj 

Each of these nurses will receive £50 in high-street vouchers.

Finally, a huge thank you to all of the Nurses, HCA’s, ODP’s and any member of the multidisciplinary team working with Mayday Healthcare PLC.

Your care, compassion and strength are truly inspiring- good luck for next year!