For many, a new year can present the chance to reflect on the past, revisit missed opportunities and pledge to do better this year. Last year proved to be perhaps one of the hardest periods for those working in front line nurse jobs, and in many cases that pressure still remains. Typically New Year’s Resolutions are either a promise to stop doing something, or eliminate bad habits from our lives - but perhaps it’s time to flip this on its head and commit to making positive changes, rather than restrictive ones. In the context of COVID-19, those working in a nurse job will likely have many of their own challenges to overcome this year, so we’ve compiled some New Year’s Resolutions to build better habits, and to also remember to be kind to yourself first;


Prioritise your own wellbeing in your nurse job

We’ve said this countless times, across various different articles - but the fact remains that it’s often those with nurse jobs that don’t make time for their own health. The age-old saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup” has perhaps never been as relevant as it is now, with the nursing workforce under continuous pressure from the COVID-19 virus. By promoting health and wellness, you’ll not only benefit yourself but will also set a good example to peers, colleagues and patients alike! Work towards being the kind of nurse that you’d like to have taking care of YOU


Find a nursing mentor…or become one

It’s not just those in newly qualified nurse jobs that can benefit from having a mentor. Maintaining an ongoing relationship with a mentor in your nurse job provides guidance and clinical insights - as well as a safe space for if and when you need encouragement or someone to listen. Developing shared ideas can improve patient care and deliver better healthcare outcomes. There are formal mentorship programmes available within some large healthcare organisations, but if you’re an agency nurse, finding a mentor may be as simple as identifying someone you look up to, and asking them if they have the time and inclination to help you. 


Upon asking yourself if you need a mentor in your nurse job, you may think about becoming a mentor instead! Becoming a nursing mentor is a personal choice, but if you’ve got knowledge to share and an interest in teaching - it might be the right choice for you. You can either sign up to a formal nursing mentorship programme, or offer your insights to a nurse or colleague you have a good relationship with. 


Commit to learning

It’s a well known fact that a nurse job requires you to stay on top of the latest skills, knowledge and legislation. Invest some time in understanding what type of learner you are - do you find it easier (and more enjoyable) to learn by reading, listening or doing? Learning will not only directly improve your problem solving, critical thinking and the quality of care you can deliver in your nursing job, but also leads to a sense of achievement which goes hand in hand with job satisfaction. This may involve CPD courses, training, reading, attending seminars and much more - there are so many means of learning, to suit every type of nurse.


Journalling and evidence for revalidation and reflection

By storing evidence of all learning, milestones and achievements in your nurse job, you’ll put yourself in a great position to submit evidence for your nursing revalidation. But alongside this you’ll also build a picture of your progress for yourself - to see how far you’ve come and to motivate you to continue improving your practice in your nurse job. Journaling is a great way to record evidence but also can help to track how you are improving as a nurse, exploring how you handle situations, and can learn from your mistakes. Even if it’s just a few lines a day, it helps to challenge and monitor how you are progressing in your nursing career, and at the end of 2022 you’ll have a record of how much you've developed as a nurse. 


And above all else, remember to be kind to yourself so you can continue to help others!

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