*Festive Timesheet Deadlines* 

This week ending 17th Dec: 

All Deadlines as normal (timesheets to HO by Mon 18th Dec) You will be paid as usual on Friday 22nd Dec *this is the last pay before Christmas* 

Week ending 24th Dec: 

Timesheets must be in Victoria by 11am Wed 27th Dec. 

Head office (including scanned) by Wed 27th Dec 11am. 

*these will be paid Fri 29th Dec* 

Week ending 31st Dec 

Timesheets must be in Victoria by 11am on Tues 2nd January or Head office / scanned at the same time. 

*these will be paid Fri 5th Jan* 

Thank you all for another year of continued hard work- may you all be blessed with good health and a prosperous 2018! šŸŽ…šŸ½ šŸŽ„