Are you curious to know if an RGN job is right for you? We’ve been placing qualified nurses into RGN jobs for over 18 years and have collected our knowledge of the market to help you make better decisions about the future of your nursing career. Continue reading to learn some of the main things to know about taking on an RGN job. 




No two days are the same

While this sounds like a cliche, nursing may be the profession for which this statement is most relevant. The working environment in your RGN job can change in a moment, and every shift will bring new patients, new experiences and new challenges. In your RGN job, you’ll need the ability to reprioritise quickly, thinking on your feet as you navigate a range of responsibilities. From care routines and strict schedules to unexpected incidents - it’s true that there are no two days the same in an RGN job. 




Be ready for critical thinking

A common misconception about an RGN job is that nurses follow instructions from other healthcare professionals, when in fact the opposite is true. Working an RGN job requires autonomous working, and an enormous amount of critical thinking. From the assessment, planning and implementation of care plans to dealing with high pressure situations, RGNs are remarkable in their ability to make quick decisions. Many nurses who have found their RGN job with Mayday Healthcare have said you’ll find that “you know more than you think”, referring to their ability to use skill and knowledge to make clinical decisions. 


The rewards are priceless

There is no denying an element of chaos that is present in any RGN job and the reality of witnessing people in emotional and physical pain is a difficult thing for anyone to deal with. However, those with an RGN job will tell you, working as a nurse provides immeasurable rewards, including memories and experiences that make it all worth it. 

If you want more information on finding your new RGN job, contact the Mayday Healthcare team. We have access to market data, industry insights and much more, so finding your next RGN job has never been easier.