Introducing our newest series as part of our Agency Nurse Guide. 


As a nursing agency with over 18 years experience, we’ve developed a strong understanding of what it means to pursue a career in nursing, the benefits (and the unique challenges) of agency nurse jobs and nurse pay rates across the industry


With this information, we are building a new section of our Agency Nurse Guide covering the following:


Nurse Career Profiles

Nurse Pay Rates and Salary Guides


It is our aim to help agency nurses maximise earnings, make better informed decisions and enjoy a rewarding career as an agency nurse. If you want to learn more about agency nurse pay rates, nurse jobs or simply what being an agency nurse is like, our Agency Nurse Guide section is designed to help.


Mayday Healthcare has been a leading nursing agency for over 18 years, meaning that we not only have a deep knowledge of the agency nurse industry, but also we have access to vast amounts of data and insights about everything from most in demand jobs to nurse pay rate data. By sharing our knowledge we hope to add value to the agency nurse community. If you want to know more about working with a nursing agency, reach out to a member of the Mayday Healthcare team today and we’ll gladly support you through your journey to becoming an agency nurse.