So you’ve secured an interview for an agency nurse job, but you’re not sure how it’s going to go. The truth is, there is an art to being a good interviewee, especially for an agency nurse position. In order to have the odds in your favour, it’s important to optimise your agency nurse job interview skills. Working with a nursing agency such as Mayday Healthcare, we’ll support you through the entire process from start to finish - but here’s a guide on how to improve your agency nurse job interview skills. It’s said that a job interview is not a test of your knowledge, but your ability to use it at the right time…


Ask yourself questions about your ideal agency nurse job

Why do you want this agency nurse job? What would make you an asset to this healthcare organisation? Asking these questions will reveal answers that you can use to sell your unique and specific skill set. In addition to this, explore hobbies or activities outside of your nurse job that may set you apart, such as volunteer work or community initiatives. Alongside the usual preparation you should do about the organisation, make sure you research how you’re right for this job specifically. 




Practice your agency nurse job interview techniques 

Practice really does make perfect, especially when it comes to succeeding in your agency nurse job interview. Not only does it help to build your confidence, but can make for a much better first impression. You can practice with yourself in front of the mirror, by recording yourself on your phone, or asking a friend or family member to help and give feedback. As a leading nursing agency, Mayday Healthcare are proud to offer our agency nurses support and guidance through the interview process, so please reach out to your consultant if you would like additional advice on how to smash your agency nurse job interview!


Body language and non verbal communication

Once you’ve practiced what you want to say in your agency nurse job interview, consider how to deliver that information. Body language plays a huge part in connecting with your interviewer, and making a good impression. Be sure to make eye contact when addressing your interviewer and make sure you’re not in a defensive stance (such as sitting with crossed arms and legs, or looking at the floor). And definitely don’t chew gum! Active listening is key - this can look like nodding and agreeing with your interviewer, waiting for your turn to speak rather than interrupting, and ensuring your hands aren’t flying all over the place when you’re talking. If you’re not sure what to do with your hands, place them in your lap, or on the arms of your chair, instead of fiddling with a pen or gesticulating wildly! 


Treat everyone you meet in your agency nurse job interview with the same respect

The agency nurse job interview often begins before it actually begins. Remember that anyone you deal with may be involved in the hiring process, or at least your interaction may impact the success of your interview- whether it’s a consultant over the phone beforehand, a cleaner in the hallway or the person actually interviewing you. There’s a famous urban legend, when a person on their way to an interview takes their road rage out on the car in front… and the person driving that car happens to be the manager of the business they’re interviewing with. First impressions can be everything so bear that in mind.


We hope this handy skills guide will help you in your next agency nurse job interview. If you’d like to find out more about securing your next agency nurse job, contact a member of our friendly team here, or submit our 30s quick register form here - Mayday Healthcare is one of the UK’s leading nursing agencies, specialising in matching nurses with agency nurse jobs across the country.