Mayday Healthcare are pleased to announce the newest addition to the Mayday Healthcare Salary Hub - our Nurse Pay Rate and Salary Calculator. Are you wondering "how much do nurses earn?" Interested to find out how much YOU could be earning as an agency nurse with Mayday Healthcare? Using salary data collected from our work recruiting across numerous locations and nursing specialisms, we have built a Nursing Salary Calculator so you can find out what you could earn.


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Simply select the speciality, shift type and region - and we’ll give you a guide on what your nurse pay rate could be working as a nursing agency such as Mayday Healthcare. We take pride in offering our agency workforce highly competitive rates of pay. Find salary information for nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants (HCAs). Whatever your specialism we’ve got you covered, including A&E nurses, Chemotherapy nurses, ITU nurses and more.

This nurse pay rates calculator is intended to act as a guide for potential earnings, providing a pay rate bracket based on the information you enter. The salary data is supplied as an hourly rate, as typically that’s how agency nurse pay rates are calculated. 


Here are some examples of the data we can provide, explore our Salary Hub for access to nurse pay rates for all regions.


How much do nurses earn? (By Region)

London Nurse Pay Rates

Cornwall Nurse Pay Rates

Basingstoke Nurse Pay Rates


How much do nurses earn? (By Specialism)

RGN/Registered Nurse Pay Rates

A&E Nurse Pay Rates

ITU Nurse Pay Rates


If you’d like to find out more about how much you can earn as a Mayday Healthcare agency nurse, you can complete our quick register form and a member of our nursing agency team will get in touch with you.