At Mayday Healthcare, we believe in giving back to our nurses, and we offer competitive pay rates for all our agency staff. If you’d like to learn more about what you could earn, contact a member of our friendly team today to find out more about our agency nurse pay rates. Agency nurses usually receive higher rates of pay than permanent NHS nurses. This is said to compensate for short notice assignments and the potential that those assignments may be changed at the last minute, as well as the economics of supply and demand. 


What can affect my agency nurse pay rates?


Previous experience 

Agenc Nurse pay rates are managed by a framework provider, which determines the pay rates for NHS nurses across the UK. For NHS agency nurses, the first thing to take into account is previous experience and responsibilities, as well as NHS Pay Scale Band. For Private Nursing jobs, pay rates are typically in line with market rates. 


Shift Type

Agency nurse pay is typically on an “hourly rate”. Standard shifts are Monday to Friday day time, with other shift types offering a higher pay rate, including evenings, weekends and bank holidays. 


Role Type and specialised skills

Some roles can offer a slightly higher pay rate, such as A&E Nurses, HDU nurses, ICU nurses and Mental Health nurses. Often, in-demand specialised skills can command a higher pay rate. Speak with your Mayday Healthcare consultant if you have any questions regarding specialised skills and agency nurse pay.



There are a number of reasons why certain locations may offer a higher rate. Firstly, London and the surrounding areas offer a “High Cost Area Supplement” or “London weighting”, so nurses working in those regions will be paid more. Equally, some remote locations that require a difficult travel route, or are less favourable, will offer a higher nursing pay rate. Finally, areas with high demand for nursing staff may offer a premium when the need is greatest. 


Seasonal Pressures

Although the seasons may not drastically affect agency nurse pay rates, there are many more shifts available during the winter months, when the NHS faces a period of high demand. This means that agency nurses can make a higher salary over the winter. 


Whilst it isn’t specifically related to nursing pay rates, the general rule is that travel allowances and mileage are not paid for NHS assignments. However, you may find that travel allowances will be payable for non-NHS assignments in some cases, and if so this will be discussed at the time that your shift booking is made. The mileage rates and criteria for claiming travel allowances are set out clearly on the rate of pay sheets. The same goes for accommodation. 


Different pay rates apply to different assignments and details of pay rates are given to you when you join Mayday Healthcare and they are updated annually, as pay rates change. If you’d like to know more about our nursing pay rates, contact Mayday Healthcare today and we can guide you on market rates and what you could be earning.