Working as an agency nurse often means moving between different assignments and organisations. With that in mind, there are lots of tools available to make your nursing job easier, particularly mobile apps. HealthTech is constantly evolving, and there’s been a recent emphasis on developing apps that allow medical professionals to have a wealth of useful information on their mobile devices. Here’s our list of some of the best apps designed for healthcare professionals:



Essentially a collection of clinical decision tools, MDCalc offers up-to-date and reliable formulas, dosing calculators, equations and more. The app is fully customisable and allows quick access to your regularly used tools. Perhaps the handiest feature is the offline functionality – so you can use it without Wi-Fi, or in areas of poor connectivity. Built for all types of healthcare workers, the MDCalc app is useful for RGNs, A&E Nurses and other nursing professionals.

Free, available on iOS and Android



This app provides access to the British National Formulary and the British National Formulary for Children. Aimed predominantly at NHS healthcare professionals, it’s perfect for agency nurses looking for an online reference for monitoring and administering medicines. It allows you to select safe and effective medicines, and does not require NHS OpenAthens logins.

Free, available on iOS and Android



Need help knowing the difference between Frey’s Syndrome and Frie’s disease? Eponymous medical terms can be confusing; particularly when they contain no descriptive words about the conditions they refer to. The Eponyms app is a compilation of over 1,700 medical terms and definitions, and is a rich source of information on obscure or unusual conditions. It’s free for student, and well worth having for your agency nurse job.

Free for Students



This app has been dubbed the Instagram of the medical world. It’s a platform for healthcare professionals to view and share pictures, for the purposes of gaining feedback, developing understanding and supplementing knowledge. From Theatre Nurses to Community Nurses, Figure1 is a fantastic collaborative learning tool that could prove invaluable for agency nurses.

Free, available on iOS and Android


Mayday Healthcare App

Our app has been carefully designed to make your agency nursing career simple, transparent and accessible – all in the palm of your hand. We’ve combined a messaging centre and availability tool to make finding your next agency nursing job that bit easier. It allows agency nurses to update their schedule and preferences, so you can stay up to date and in control. You can download it here.

Free, available on iOS and Android


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