Launching Mayday Healthcare’s Inaugural Nurse of the Year!

Feedback received from Mayday Healthcare nurses has continually recurring theme – that whilst they provide an invaluable service, agency nurses achievements are rarely celebrated.


To combat this adverse sentiment Mayday Healthcare will launch a Nurse of the Year Award- This will coincide with the annual RCN Nurses' Day celebrations.


Every Region has already nominated a candidate:


London: Isioma Aganoke


Surrey: Pius Mandava


Swindon/Gloucester/Bristol: Florence Kamungoma


Prisons/Essex: Clara Nyatsanza


Devon: Ruth Rose


Birmingham: Bernadette Ndungwani


Leicester: Julie Preston


Susses: Catherine Bailey


Hampshire: Abey Matthew


Herts: Joseph Timog


Liverpool: Friolian Millianr


Brighton: Ewa Tutaj


Our winner will be chosen by our Directors & announced on the 12th May 2017.

There will be prizes for each of the shortlisted candidates and a grand prize for the overall nurse of the year

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