Intensive Care (ICU) Nurse Job Profile

An Intensive Care Nurse is a registered nurse delivering care to critically unwell people in an intensive care unit. They are often also known as ITU nurses, ICU nurses or critical care nurses. Patients often require mechanical intervention such as respiratory support or specialist equipment as part of their care. 


How do I get an Intensive Care Nurse job?

Once qualifying as a registered nurse, you can consider an Intensive Care Nurse Job. Many ICU nurses have undertaken intensive care or high dependency unit placements during their qualification, to get a feel for what it’s like to work in th department. Nurses can access professional development opportunities related to working in Intensive Care. Typically newly qualified Band 5 nurses can secure NHS jobs that will offer full training. Patients are usually defined on a Critical Care Scale, from 0 to 3, depending on the level of care they require. 


What does an ICU Nurse job involve?

Intensive Care Nurse jobs work with patients that are critically unwell or unstable. The intensive care department looks after planned (after a surgery or similar) and emergency admissions (following an injury or as a result of a medical condition). Patients are often treated in an Intensive Care ward until their condition has stabilised before they are moved onto a more suitable department.


In an ICU Nurse job, your day to day will involve:


  • Monitoring patients in need of intensive care
  • Administering medications
  • Assessing patient condition regularly
  • Collaborating with other medical professionals
  • Communicating with the families of patients 


Where can my Intensive Care Nurse job take me?

Once you’ve gained more than 4 years experience as an Intensive Care Nurse, you can move into a number of different roles, either a Band 6 position such as a Change Nurse, or Senior ITU Nurse. As you progress through your Intensive Care Nurse career, there will be opportunities to develop specialist skills and gain job specific qualifications. 


How much do ICU Nurses get paid?

This pay rate information for Intensive Care Nurses is correct at time of publishing. Entry level positions pay £24,907 a year and as you progress this will increase. 


Band 5 Intensive Care Nurse (ICU Nurse) Pay Rates

1 - 2 years experience   £24,907

2 - 4 years experience £26,970

4 - 5 years experience £27,416

6 - 7 years experience £30,615



Band 6 Intensive Care Nurse (ICU Nurse) Pay Rates

1 - 2 years experience £31,365

2 - 4 years experience £33,176

4 - 5 years experience £33,779

6 - 7 years experience £37,980


Private sector jobs typically pay in line with NHS pay scales, however in some cases the basic salary is higher - but the benefits often do not match the generous benefits offered by the NHS. Agency positions usually offer a higher than average market rate. If you’re looking for your next agency ICU Nurse job, please visit our job board here. 


What type of Intensive Care Nurse jobs do Mayday Healthcare recruit for?

Mayday Healthcare is recruiting for a wide range of Intensive Care Nurse Jobs, at all levels and locations. For more information on our ICU nurse jobs, you can explore our live jobs here or quick-register here and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

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